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CabinWorks build high quality cabins to rent or sell, we offer a variety of cabin layouts at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on our high quality of service and the excellent condition of our cabins; we only use the best quality material available including steel framing for the construction.

If you need...

  • A Sleepout
  • Extra Space At Home
  • An Extra Bedroom
  • A Granny Flat
  • An Office
  • A Rumpus Room
  • A Cabin For Out The Back Of The Farm
  • A Lunch Room
  • A Holiday Home

Or anything you can think of where you need to be undercover, the portable cabins we build are perfect for so many applications, and when you don’t need it anymore, we’ll come and get the cabin and take it away, just as easy as that! That’s the advantage of having a portable cabin, when you move, the cabin can too, and your cabin can be set up and ready for you within a matter of a couple of hours.

CabinWorks Ltd is a family owned and operated business, Our goal is simple... To provide our customers with affordable, low maintenance andnice looking portable cabins, either to purchase outright or to rent long term. Feel free to browse the pages & get more information on our great service. 

Contact Us directly and we’ll get straight back to you.